The Art of Savvy Networking

by IMM Magazine - December 3, 2019

When was the last time you expanded your OUTER circle? A part of building your brand is networking, as it is one of the most crucial skills any startup entrepreneur can have. How else will you meet the key clients and contacts necessary to grow your business? Take a few moments to brush up on your business cards and look for networking opportunities, whether if it's through or Instagram, that can expand your little, black business book.


Check out these five tips when networking and you'll be on on your way to expanding your outer circle in no time:

1. Set a goal to meet five or more new people at each event.

2. Try one or two new linkup groups per month.

3. Carry your business cards everywhere you go.

4. Don't be afraid to be an extrovert!

5. Don't sit by people you know at networking opportunities. Take a chance and begin conversation with a stranger. You might be talking to a potential future investor or business partner!


Other ways of networking include:

1. Participating in your local, small business community.

2. Reach out to former connections.

3. Become a resource on social media (A great way to do this is by holding interviews and highlighting other local entrepreneurs on your platform who are working in your same line of business).

4. Do some basic press outreach.


Also keep in mind, a strong professional network can help you achieve things that you'd never accomplish on your own. Now go forth and do great things!


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