Tap Into Your Talents


by IMM Magazine - December 6, 2020

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We all feel pressure to be perfect at times. Whether that pressure is real or perceived, it can come from within us, our environment, or those around us. Although deep down we want to be successful, perform well, and be admired or respected, the reality is that there are some things we’re just never going to be good at no matter how hard we try. So in all reality, the goal is to not be perfect, but to make progress.  What is the definition of progress?  Progress is described as forward and onward movement in a positive direction. Instead of fixating on what we aren’t great at, what if we shifted the focus to our strengths and unique skills and leveraged what we are good at to achieve real success?

Find your forte

Start mapping out your passion by asking yourself some thought-provoking questions.  Make sure to write your answers down either in a journal or a dry erase board (so it's visual).

  • What do you love to do?

  • What makes you feel the most confident?

  • What is blocking you from living out your dreams?

  • Describe a time when you know you inspired others?

  • What are some of your short term goals?

  • What, or who, brings out the best in you?

  • What are some of your long term goals?

  • Write a list of two things you can have completed at the end of every week.

  • What tasks or activities do you get the most excited about?

The advantages of embracing your abilities and finding hidden passions can be the following:


The Thrill of Discovery

Ever have that rush feeling that comes with the joy of learning something new?  That's what the thrill of discovery is.  Finding out new passions and talents can create a sense of wholeness.

The Thrill of Research

Have you ever channel surfed and come across a recipe that you absolutely have to try?  You buy all the ingredients, you set your oven to 350, and that watermelon casserole comes out delicious.  Okay, we don't even know what watermelon casserole is, but you get the drift.  By making that one dish, you realize, "Hey, that was kind of cool.  I need to try cooking recipes more often," and you become one with Top Chef.  Then before you know it, you're on Instagram and Pinterest looking for new recipe ideas.  A little research can jump-start your new talent right into gear.

The Thrill of Acknowledging Your Worth

Regularly feeling that you produce solid, meaningful work can lead to increased sense of pride for what you do and the ability to recognize just how valuable you are.  Discovering new talents is like peeling an onion; you are made up of all these different layers and your talents are endless.  Why not deep into what's really at the core of you?

Happy Discovering!