Tips to Engage Your Brand on Social Media

Are you having a hard time building connections and getting your brand seen on social media? Social media can be a real beast, especially when it seems like there's an algorithm out there to destroy you and everything you worked so hard to build. Below are a few steps to help you navigate through engagement on some of the most popular sites.

  • Connect with your audience. Engage in comments and follow other like-minded brands.

  • Create a call to action to boost engagement. Give your audience small asks to perform. Some include: “Double tap if,” “Comment below if,” “Tag 3 friends,” or even, “Share an emoji.”

  • Use and follow hashtags that are relevant to your business.

  • Show rather than tell. Use reels with captivating stories. Make sure you tag like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Create connections offline! Whether it's through events or developing a podcast, collaboration builds a unique community and creates “word of mouth” offline, which can transcend online.

So what are you waiting for? Start engaging your brand on social media today!

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