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Three Easy Steps to Creating Brand Value

Branding ain't easy. Let's focus on a few ways to develop a strategy that can be.

Building a brand isn't easy, especially when you don't have a clear idea on how to communicate your messaging and your what your company is about!

Why not pump your brakes a bit and consider building a brand with a dynamic strategy? The key is to let your brand strategy be clear. Branding is your company's foundation, moral, and values that is displayed in your company's inner workings, marketing, and promotion. Great elements of branding include marketing, public relations, packaging, pricing, your business plan, customers and employees.

Branding makes the buyer's trust and believe your product and services are somehow better than those of your competitors, even when/if your prices are higher!

The more distinctive you make your brand, the more interested people move towards you and what you have to offer! Here are three steps to creating brand value:


Brainstorm ways on how to set yourself apart. Why should people come to you? What products/services do you have that solve a problem? While strategizing your why, come up with key words and phrases coined just for your brand.


Once you have defined what sets you apart based on your products and services, learn who you are selling those products and services to. As an entrepreneur, understanding your target audience is vital. This information will define every marketing plan and strategy you execute. To find your target audience, look at the market research for your industry to determine where there are holes in service that your product and services can fill. Look at trends for similar products to see where they are focusing efforts, then hone in further on what you offer to provide unique value.


How will you show up for your customers on a frequent basis? People buy into people that they trust, so before we can expect a massive sellout on our products and services, we have to make sure we are presenting quality information and quality products that people can buy into. You can reveal your brand personality in everything from your social media to your website, to your brochures, all the way to your networking events. Focus on showing your personality and cultivating relationships prior to posting online "just to post."

Remember to stay focused, be consistent, and shed any dead weight that doesn't help you moving further towards brand quality.

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