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Successful Leadership Habits for Everyday Life

Ready to move into the rest of 2022 with some "ummph"? Although 2021 built resiliency in us all, many creatives and entrepreneurs are looking for 2022 to bring successful leadership habits that can catapult their careers to the next level. View our top list for successful habits below to continue the year in greatness!

Share Your Vision:

A leader with vision has a clear idea of what they need to be doing, where they are going, how to get there and what success might look like. Be sure to articulate your vision clearly and passionately when working with your clients, while also ensuring your team understands your vision and shares the same passion to turn those dreams into realities.

Lead By Example:

As a leader, the best way to build credibility and gain the respect of others is to set the right examples. Working around the clock? DON'T. Leave time for yourself to decompress. Paying attention to quality customer service? DO. By placing your clients first, you lead by example, which is also highlighting a great quality to what your brand is really about.

Demonstrate Integrity:

A leader with integrity draws on their values to guide their decisions, behavior, and dealings with others. They have a strong sense of character, keep their promises, and communicate honestly and openly, as well as honestly and directly with others.

Communicate Effectively:

Know what you mean, and mean what you say. Try to be as clean cut as possible, without beating around the bush. Sometimes you just have to "keep it real." The ability to communicate clearly, concisely and tactfully is a crucial leadership skill. Communication involves more than just listening attentively to others and responding appropriately. It also includes sharing valuable information, listening, and not always talking.

Delegating Tasks:

You can't be everywhere at once, or do everything at the same time. Delegate some tasks to either workers, interns, or even push it off until you can get your schedule together.

Setting Phone to Airplane Mode:

If you're constantly available, you don't make time for yourself when you need that alone time. Take some time and unplug from the really, this time! Put your phone on airplane mode and unwind, have a bubble bath, go to the movies on a solo date, take a walk in the park, or go see a friend whom you haven't seen in a while. Also, set realistic expectations when you are available. Put on your out of office on email, and make your business hours known on your website. If a business partner sends you a text after those hours, politely remind them of when you are in business mode and not to contact you outside of those hours, respectfully.

And remember, your HEALTH IS WEALTH!

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