Six Amazing Instagram Story Ideas

Last week we talked about ways to successfully engage your brand on your social media platform. This week, we want to take it a step further and talk about content ideas for your IG stories! If you are stumped on what to show, see our full detailed list below for some much needed inspiration:

  1. "A Day in the Life" - Give us a behind the scenes look to what you do on a daily basis, anywhere from how you conduct business, to what hair products you use, to what you are having for dinner.

  2. Run a poll or ask a question - This can be professional or personal. The key here is to create active engagement.

  3. Tell your story - People want to hear your authentic voice and get to know you! Break down the wall between you and your audience.

  4. Have a giveaway - Audience Appreciation is essential to giving back, whether if it's a spa certificate or a Visa gift card.

  5. Share a testimony - Have you recently received victory over a hard situation? Tell us about it! Your strength in the face of adversity can encourage others.

  6. Share case studies or results - No matter what industry you're in, your audience will always be concerned with what's going on in their world and around them. Be that resource of knowledge and spread the wealth. Share results or case studies and keep your audience in-the-know.

Start your research today and stay consistent with your IG stories by using the tools above. But most importantly, make it FUN!!!

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