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How to Email Like A Boss

Stop apologizing so much! Learn these six simple hacks for navigating craftier, bolder language.

It's time to stop apologizing in emails! Even CEOs need help in front of a computer. Use these six tips to compose your emails like the true boss entrepreneur you are, and stop apologizing for having an opinion!

When Working on a Tight Deadline

Instead of: “The deadline for this is tomorrow, around __:__.”

Write: “When do you think you can get this done?” or “It’d be preferable if you can get this done today so we can have more time to discuss if there are any changes that need to be made before the deadline tomorrow.”

When Wording the Email is Hard

Instead of: *rewriting email for 40 minutes*

Write: “It’d be easier to discuss in person.”

When You've Procrastinated

Instead of: “Sorry for the delay.”

Write: “Thank you for your patience.”

When Your Schedule Matters Too

Instead of: “No problem!” or “No worries!”

Write: “Always happy to help!”

When You're Waiting on Someone/Something

Instead of: “Just wanted to check in.”

Write: “When can I expect an update?”

When You've Made a Small Error

Instead of: “Ahh sorry! My bad. Totally missed that.”

Write: “Nice catch! Updated file attached. Thanks for letting me know!”

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