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Five Tips to Engage Your Brand on Social Media

Is social media making you pull your hair out? Relax! Perfect engagement wasn't built in one day. Use these five tips below to help you weather the storm and create authentic engagement that sticks:

  1. Connect with your audience. Engage in comments and follow other like-minded brands.

  2. Create a call to action to boost engagement. Give your audience small asks to perform. Some include: “Double tap if,” “Comment below if,” “Tag 3 friends,” or even, “Share an emoji.”

  3. Use and follow hashtags that are relevant to your business.

  4. Show rather than tell. Use reels with captivating stories. Make sure you tag like-minded entrepreneurs.

  5. Create connections offline! Whether it's through events or developing a podcast, collaboration builds a unique community and creates “word of mouth” offline, which can transcend online.

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