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Five Steps to Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Navigating social media can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Don't get yourself in a pickle. Take note of these 5 easy steps to avoid SM mistakes below:

Think Strategy, and Beyond:

Beyond your general campaign strategy, you need to have a plan for each platform, including a content schedule line-up.

No Goals, No Gain:

Try the SMART goal-setting technique to help develop your business’s objectives. All of your work on social media should be to advance your business’s specific goals.

Don't Ignore Your Followers:

You should always engage with positive follower comments. Show your appreciation for people sharing your content or commenting on a post.

Being Inauthentic:

No matter how busy you are to post, human touch makes a difference. Let your followers see you, not just a small business sharing marketing efforts everyday.

Babysitting Too Many Platforms:

Focus on the correct platforms. It’s better to have a strong presence on two channels than a mediocre presence on five.

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