Entrepreneur Highlight: Tiffany LaToi's Story on How She "Connects, Inspires, & Empowers" Women

"A lady boss on a mission...."

Tiffany LaToi is a whole MOOD. Aside from her natural beauty, outgoing spirit, and charisma, she is connecting, inspiring, and empowering women all over the world to own their dreams and turn them into realities. She is a force to be reckoned with, and her brands speak for themselves. Break out your notepads, ladies. It's time to take notes. Check out the official entrepreneur highlight with Tiffany LaToi, CEO and the face of full-time success, below:


IMM: You come from a corporate, Pharmaceutical background prior to starting your own business. What made you want to become a self-made CEO?

TL: I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur!!! Honestly, I just didn’t like working for anyone else. I love being creative and thinking outside of the box and sometimes working in corporate America you are VERY limited on what you can do with your talents and passion.

IMM: Which three adjectives describe your greatest strengths, and why?

TL: Honest/Transparent – I have amazing relationships with my clients due to me being authentic, honest, and transparent. Clients and customers value transparency and honesty, which translates to business growth. I think this is one reason my company is very successful.

Self-Assured – I’m confident in my ability to perform as a CEO. I don’t seek validation from others when conducting business or making decisions.

Positive/Spiritual –I think having a good, positive attitude, along with positive thinking & an amazing relationship with God reflects on what I do and how I have gained success.

IMM: You own two businesses. Your namesake, Tiffany LaToi company to help Connect, Inspire, & Empower women, and also a premiere, national Field Service & Construction Company. How do you balance between the two?

TL: Honestly, this has been a challenge for me. My Field Service/Construction Company is my bread & butter (lol), therefore the majority of my focus & time during the day is on that particular company. I normally focus all of my evenings and nights on Tiffany LaToi.

IMM: What separates the Tiffany LaToi brand from other branding companies?

TL: Tiffany LaToi is NOT a “branding” company. We are a consulting company/female resource community. I do however consider MYSELF a brand. Tiffany LaToi was established to show women who are wanting to be entrepreneurs just how to do that. What separates my company from other Female Entrepreneur Communities is Tiffany LaToi isn’t just about empowering or inspiring with quotes and cute captions, but it’s about SHOWING female entrepreneurs how to run a business successfully. There aren’t a lot of Female Entrepreneur Communities that actually SHOW women the way! We are all about SHOWING.

IMM: When you’re not working, what are a few of your guilty pleasures?

TL: I’m always working LOL but when I’m not…. lately I have been binge watching Shameless on Netflix, currently on Season 7! Shopping (of course) & recently started taking a photography class! I’m excited to start working on my picture skills.

IMM: What is the concept behind your motto: “Dream It..Plan It..Launch It..Grow It”?

TL: In my opinion, If you are an entrepreneur or soon to become an entrepreneur you will always be in the cycle of “Dream It, Plan It, Launch It & Grow It” Whether it’s a new business, existing business, a new product, service, expansion, new division, new processes… you will always be doing one of the 4 in your business… Dreaming, Planning, Launching or Growing!

IMM: If you could travel to any time or place with any celebrity, where would you go and why?

TL: I would love to go to ANY beautiful island with Oprah! An island because I love the ocean/water, it’s so peaceful and it’s just a great place to renew your energy. I’m always looking to grow as a person & I KNOW a few hours with Oprah will take my life to another level. She has such great energy; she’s wise and she’s a BRILLIANT business woman!

IMM: Tell us about how you balance a healthy lifestyle with deadlines and priorities with clients. What are some of your best business practices?

TL: I always find time to meditate & workout in the morning. It relieves stress! I use a planner daily in an effort to stay organized. Delegate! Engage my staff & focus on team effort! I’m HUGE on communicating via email – nothing like an email chain to keep you accountable.

IMM: If you had one piece of advice for an entrepreneur to take their business to the next level, what would that be?

TL: This sounds so cliché but I really believe in order to grow you have to think outside of the box, find your niche & be authentic!!!

IMM: A lot of entrepreneurs might not have gone to college. What advice would you give them for pursuing their CEO passions without having a traditional Degree?

TL: Do your research on the industry you are pursing, take a course, invest in the digital market (e-books), connect with an experienced CEO, find a consultant or mentor to help give guidance!

IMM: What was the last book you read that spoke to your soul?

TL: Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed (Instagram @idillionaire) – I HIGHLY recommend that everyone read this book!

IMM: What can we expect from Tiffany LaToi in 2019?

TL: Tiffany LaToi is so excited about 2019! We have 4 events planned for the year. Releasing up to 10 e-books! I have some amazing products coming as well (I have to keep them a secret for now LOL). Most importantly, I am excited about the future female entrepreneurs I get to help in 2019! We are looking forward to growing as a brand & helping other women grow their brands as well.


Keep up with Tiffany LaToi at www.tiffanylatoi.com.

Instagram: @TiffanyLaToi

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