Entrepreneur Highlight: Tameika Marrow's Story on Her Passion for Empowering Women

CEO of "Every Woman is Me," Tameika Marrow is not your everyday Creative. At her heart's foundation, she uses her non-profit, EWIM as a platform to connect, grow, and encourage the everyday woman...and Lord knows we need it. With a passion to "pay it forward," she is the epitome of strength and truth, with a few life lessons under her belt. Check out the official entrepreneur highlight with Tameika Marrow, CEO and the face of full-time faith, below:

IMM: So how did you two meet? (Referring to Tameika's business partner, Saprina Robinson).

TM: Well… I met her when I was just 3years old lol! We’re actually cousins/sisters.

IMM: What is the message behind EWIM’s motto “empowering women to find and fulfill their purpose”?

TM: We (my business partner and I) grew up in the heart of SE, DC in the 80’s and 90’s. Outside of my grandmother whom was a GREAT Housewife and business woman, (she ran an at home daycare for the neighborhood) we didn’t have many role-models who were actually successful. She instilled in us both to receive an education, take advantage of all the world had to offer and last but not least, take care of your household, especially your Husband lol. With those tools she’d given us, we experienced the world both becoming teen moms and valuing every lesson taught and overcoming many obstacles along the way, EWIM was an outlet to let women just like us know that there is hope! Coming from where we’re from; a teenage pregnancy and starting a family was the norm. The continuation of “The Struggle Cycle”. Creating a family and taking on responsibilities that we weren’t ready for. Before experiencing life and taking advantage of the opportunities that Grandma once told us about. As humans, we tend to mimic what we see, especially when growing up. We grew up in a household where it was marriage and family, so in the interim, we repeated what we saw. Not that it was a bad thing, we didn’t create a steady environment before doing so. I mean, there isn’t a handbook to tell you how to be an adult. In a nutshell, EWIM was created to let women know that we have other purposes in this life besides being a mom and a wife.

IMM: This year, you’ve had your 2nd annual EWIM #GirlTalk 2019 event. What do you think the audience took away from that event?

TM: Collectively we’ve received so much great feedback from the attendees and

the Panelists. We are often told that we should change “Girl Talk” from being an annual event, to at least having it quarterly. Women are in need of real conversation about our daily struggles and what it is we need to become a better woman. The “Angry Black Woman Syndrome” is real. Women are hurting and they are looking for a way to heal. We hope that with this event, someone takes the information given and do just that…HEAL.

IMM: What is your definition of FAITH and how do you incorporate it into your everyday life?

TM: Faith is like the air we breathe, it’s just that important! We can define Faith as it is in the bible: Now Faith is the substance of things hopes for, the evidence of things unseen. (Hebrews 11:1). It takes Faith in order to do anything in this world. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, then why do it? Faith is the tool that leads you to success. Without it, you’re just a person with a bunch of ideas and no real production.

IMM: What does it mean to live “unapologetically you”?

TM: If you had asked me this question 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have known what to tell you. I never knew what that meant until, I was overwhelmed with everyone else’s opinion of who I should be. I tried to make everyone around me happy, from my parents, children, friends and family members, to the point where I forgot about me. One day a light came on and it changed my entire outlook on life and what my purpose here on this earth was. I was not living to please others, I was here to fulfill MY purpose and to please the God I serve and through me living an unapologetic life, which makes me the happiest woman in the world, I make everyone one around me happy to see me happy. I am and always have been a free spirit and a free spirit cannot be contained. I kept myself contained by trying be what everyone else wanted me to be. Now I live day to day knowing my liberation was the key.

IMM: You're a mom of 5. How do you balance entrepreneur life with mommy life and running a business? What advice would you give to single moms wanting to start a business, without the support of family or friends?

TM: As a mom of 5, I would have to say that your children are your first priority. Dedicate your life to them by providing the necessities, love them, befriend them and be very transparent with them. Incorporate them in your vision for the business, so they may understand the narrative. For me, having to build myself from the ground up after divorce, my kids saw me struggle but most importantly they saw me NOT GIVE UP! Once I got to the point of wanting to create business’ my children were very supportive and allowed me the time to flourish. Take it one day at a time and give it your all. Remember why you started, trust the direction God leads you, and stack your money and act broke until you get to where you need to be.

IMM: For one night only, if you could go dancing with one celebrity/muse, who would that be and why?

TM: “Whew chile”…the old me would’ve said Idris Elba (that man is fine). However, today… the new me is in a learning stage and I want to take as much knowledge I can from someone who is successful. I would have to say Oprah. She is a successful Black Woman and she has the tools to share with me on how to get there. Also she is my fellow Aquarian and we’re all about being a humanitarian and creating stability.

IMM: What type of special projects do you have planned for 2020?

TM: We are in the process of planning a 4 city “Girl Talk Tour” which is the biggest project. We are also working on having our summer program for teen girls up and running “Heels for Higher Ground”.

IMM: What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

TM: There have been many failures in running a nonprofit organization, however, we don’t perceive failure as a negative. In fact we don’t call it failure, it’s another opportunity to get it right and gain experience in doing so.

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