Entrepreneur Highlight: Georgia Khoury's Story on How to Succeed in the Corporate World

"Destined for success...."

The term "Supermom" does no justice for this entrepreneur. Liberian born with a spirit for business, 31 year old-Georgia Khoury resides in Washington, DC and is the CEO behind Khoury Administrative Learning Institute (KALI), an interactive program dedicated to career advancement opportunities for adults.

Vibrant, Vivacious, and with a heart of pure gold, she is a force to be reckoned with. By promoting an excellent learning atmosphere and tools to help you succeed in the workplace, Georgia is on a mission to take Administrative Assistants to the next level. Get your resume ready for greatness and check out the official entrepreneur highlight below:


IMM: So you’re no stranger to life’s ups and downs. What would you say contributed to your success as an administrative professional and as an entrepreneur?

GK: I would have to say patience, dedication, and my passion for the profession. My mind frame is what keeps me going into work every day. I am also a successful entrepreneur because the same attitude I have towards my career is the same attitude that I put towards being a business owner. It makes no sense to contribute to someone else’s business and neglect your own.

IMM: What about your background or services sets you apart from your competitors? Why should your prospects engage with you?

GK: What sets me apart from my competitors is that KALI was created from ten years of work history and administrative experience. I created my curriculum based on what I believe were valuable lessons that every administrative professional should be taught in order to be successful. My prospects should engage with me because I bring a whole other meaning to learning. Most Administrative Assistant schools are offered online and can be very boring. However, at my institution our classes are 100% face to face and we offer activities such as off campus activities, networking meet-ups, career seminars, guest speakers, adult field trips and our own professional empowerment membership.

IMM: You’re a family woman. Can you tell us how your family gets involved with KALI?

GK: EVERYONE in my family is involved in KALI, from my boyfriend to my 12-year-old daughter, they all have their own role to play within the success of the company. Matter of fact, most of the social media postings that you see on my Instagram and Facebook are managed by my oldest daughter Elissa (17), who happens to also be my Administrative Assistant. It’s a family affair and I try to keep them involved as much as possible this way they can learn entrepreneurship and be prepared to take over the business when I retire.

IMM: What are some of the subjects you cover in your courses and how would they be beneficial to your students?

GK: Some of the subjects we cover at KALI are General Procedures, Professional Attire and Grooming, Language Usage, Business documents and Career Advancements, just to name a few. We have a total of eight courses with an average of nine subjects under each course. Our curriculum was created in a way that every student that attends our school can benefit from, whether it’s in the present or the future they would be in the position to make use of the lessons learned and apply it to every aspect of their life, both professionally and personally.

IMM: Personal love and self-care is important. How do you keep yourself uplifted on a daily basis?

GK: Honestly, this is something that I am still working on mastering. As a woman with many hats, it is very difficult to focus on business, work, being a mother, a lover, a daughter, a friend and trying to make time in such a busy schedule to really love yourself and practice self-care. I would say that I have been doing a good job with making time for things that I want to do. It takes communicating with your significant other and children by letting them know that on a certain day around a certain time you will be dedicating time to yourself. Before, I would have never communicated to my family that I was tired. Now I make it very clear that I need some "me time" and they do a very good job in respecting my wishes.

IMM: Your seminar on May 25th “The Journey to Becoming an Administrative

Professional” is coming up. What is the message you’d like to convey?

GK: I want people to step outside of the box and understand that the Administrative field is not just a job, but can be a career if you obtain all the right skill-sets and training. It will become what you want it to become.

IMM: A lot of entrepreneurs might not have finished college or a 4-year university. What advice would you give them for pursuing their CEO passions without having a traditional degree?

GK: I would say keep going; a degree does not determine your success. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are successful that did not take the traditional route of obtaining a four-year degree. School is not for everyone, just as well as not everyone is fit to be a business owner. Trust your path and walk with your head up high. Those who have graduated might be more educated but that does not make them smarter.

IMM: What’s the greatest lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

GK: I actually learned two great lessons: 1). It does not matter if someone has already done it. Everyone’s success story is different, so take the chance and do what you love; and 2). Your vision is your vision and not everyone is going to understand your dreams. You should not have to fight for people to understand where you see yourself in life.

IMM: What was the last quote you read that really spoke to your soul?

GK: The last quote I read came from a young lady by the name of Antoinette Harris, the first woman ever to earn a football scholarship. Antoinette made a statement that stuck with me during one of her interviews which was “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.” When I heard that college Freshman say that I was very impressed and it spoke loud and clear to me. I have decided that from this day on that is the motto I am going to live by.

IMM: Looking back at the pre-entrepreneur Georgia Khoury, what type of

advice would you give?

GK: I would first ask her "Why did she wait so long? Why did she waste so much of her time on people and things that did not matter?" My advice to pre-entrepreneur Georgia is to focus more on the good than the bad. It’s the good days that would pave the way for a good outcome.

IMM: What else can we expect from KALI in 2019?

GK: There are so many upcoming projects that KALI is working on. We have already started working on our next event called “Mind, Body, and Wealth”, which is an event focused on the wellness of your mind to your pockets. In addition to that, we will be launching our T- Shirt line and creating a membership program for professionals. We have a lot that we are working on and we're looking forward to hiring more staff members and recruiting likeminded professionals.

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Keep up with Georgia Khoury, a.k.a. "The Administrative Guru" at www.kalearninginstitute.com.

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