Entrepreneur Highlight: Alicia Holliday's Story on How She Became a Mommy Mogul

Alicia Holliday is a highly motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic entrepreneur woman who is 'Mommin' like a Boss," signing checks and taking names. From an early age, she knew that she wanted to make a difference and was aware of the power that encouragement and confidence have in achieving results. Check out the official entrepreneur highlight with @MsHairBoss below:

IMM: What is the story behind building the Ms. Hair Boss brand, and when did you first fall in love with styling hair? 

AH: I have had a passion for beauty since I was a child. It began to be obvious to me and others while in middle school that I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist and a business owner. And the brand of Mshairboss began as a joke of past employees calling me “boss lady” then I grabbed the IG name Mshairboss in 2014 and it took off from there. 

IMM:  I see you offer business coaching and entrepreneur tips.  What about your background or services sets you apart from your competitors?  Why should your prospects engage with you?

AH: My experience in entrepreneurship of over 10 years has allowed me the knowledge and know-how to share with others. With my experience, I’ve gained a large resource bank and a large network. My passion and positive attitude set me apart as I believe we all can eat there is plenty of opportunities for everyone. Future clients would find me comfortable, motivating, strong, and I produce RESULTS!

IMM:   You’re a family woman obviously.  How does your family get involved with the business?

AH: I am a true family woman, and I involve my daughters and my mother in almost everything that I do. I believe the more you include or involve your family in your ventures it allows them new experiences, it also allows them to see you in a different environment, and allows them to HELP! I started doing this with my girls because I began to have mom guilt from my busy schedule so if I found an event or experience that was appropriate for them to attend, I want them to be there. 

IMM:  Personal love and self-care is important.  How do you take time for yourself, and balance your schedule between being a mom and running a business?

AH: I often have to say out loud “ALICIA take some me time!” I try to have at least one day a week I do something for myself (something small). I have a very supportive family so if or when I am in need of rest, spa day or a vacation they are there for me. As far as the love I struggle in that department as a single mom it’s often hard to figure out the balance, but I am open to love. 

IMM:  If Beyonce gave you a call and told you she only had 5 minutes to answer any of your burning questions, what would you ask and in what order?

AH: (1) I would pitch my business (in case she’s looking for some investment opportunities), (2) I would ask how does she manage her mommy time and business time, (3) Could I sit down with her business team , (4) What do you love most about Jay-Z (Ps Jayz is my favorite artist of ALLLLLL time) , (5) Can you call/facetime Jay-Z :)

IMM:  What’s the greatest lesson you learned as a millennial?  Mom? Entrepreneur?

AH: I often struggle with the fact that I'm labeled a millennial as I’m an older millennial. LOL But I think I struggle like many with the balance of screen time for all of us aka social media and phones. I think allowing children to use technology is a wonderful thing but, I do feel it has taken away from their attention, alertness, communication. I’ve also learned that it is okay to be true to who you are, I know I am a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, GIVING woman and I can't belittle that for anyone! 

IMM:  What does FAITH mean to you?

AH: I re-committed myself a few years ago to my faith actually. And I’ve never been so comfortable in my faith and beliefs than I am right now. It’s amazing when you feel comfortable in a place of worship your thoughts and ideas of religion change and are more open. I never spoke on religion or faith comfortably in my past as I’ve grown I know who I am and how I’ve accomplished what I have and it is nothing more than God himself guiding me through this journey. 

IMM:  Looking back at the Pre-entrepreneur Alicia Holliday, what type of advice would you give?

AH: I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart!!! LOL! But I would say to my young Alicia, “It’s ok to go another path than your friends, it's ok to try multiple avenues and its ok to be good at multiple things. These are all gifts given to you, don’t be ashamed or dim it.” 

IMM:  You’ve also developed a podcast titled “Life and Times of RoRo & Licy?” Can you tell us what was the idea behind that?

AH: Omg one of my favorite past times! Literally my co-host/friend Ronika and I were both online/in-person dating heavy a few years ago and we were going through the same things and thought it would be cool to share. So it’s literally 30-45 min of us telling crazy stories, spark debate, sharing experiences, and celebrating each other. We have a lot in store coming up! 

IMM:  You have a summit coming up next summer.  Can you tell us what that entails and what else can we expect from Ms. Hair Boss in 2020?

AH: Yes, our 2nd Annual Mompreneur Summit is scheduled for July 11-12th and I am so excited to share this event with all of the women who will return and the new women that will attend.

The summit is a two-day event Saturday evening is a cocktail party followed by a full day Sunday of panelists, workshops, small groups, networking and of course eating! The summit was created to give specifically women who are inspired to create or start a business or women who are already owners of women who are ready to scale. The summit is a perfect place to be inspired, meet a new mom friend, or even meet your future business partner, you never know!

* 2020 also brings a new venture partnering with Rebellecon.com as the official Chapter founder of the Maryland Community I will host a monthly community event for all women! 

* 2020 also brings the expansion of Mshairboss merch, adding to my “Mommin Like  A Boss” t-shirts and my Satin Bonnet collection, more items coming soon!

IMM:   You have two daughters.  What type of legacy would you want to leave behind for them, after you’re long gone?

AH: I plan to have instilled in them to build generational wealth and the tools to succeed independently. I want them to always have a giving heart and be kind women. I hope they are always proud of me, remember all of our experiences together and I make them smile even when I’m gone.

Follow Alicia Holliday on Instagram at @MsHairBoss.

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