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Does Your Brand Have the Four "V's"?

Strategically Planning Before the Business Launches? Why, Yes, Please.

Hey CEO! Have you heard about the four V's?

When brand-storming, make sure you move forward with Vision, Voice, Value, and Visuals. What do these things have to do with my brand? - You might ask. Our answer? PLENTY! Check out why each one is important below.

  • VISION: When you are developing a brand, it's important that you have a clear VISION of what your business stands for and what you want to achieve.

  • VOICE: How you articulate by voice and educate your potential clients plays a big role in the development of your brand.

  • VALUE: When coming up with your business model think about what issues your potential clients are having and how you are providing a VALUABLE solution.

  • VISUALS: A brand is much more than just a logo (this ain't McDonald's). It is all the touchpoints that someone will interact with from your website to your social media VISUALS.

Want more tips to help you develop your brand from the ground up, advice that's specifically for you and tailored just right? Book your consultation today with us. From social media management to brand consulting right down to strategic communications, IMM has you covered!

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