6 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Business

Valentine's day is coming up, and while most of us are "living our best life" receiving gifts, flowers, and other unmentionables from our dates, we often overlook putting that same TLC into our budding business. Similar to a relationship, starting a business is a bit like falling in love. It's fresh, it's new, and most of all, it's exhilarating. You want to savor each moment and you love learning something new. But what happens when the Honeymoon is over and we're falling OUT of love with being an entrepreneur?

Unfortunately, being a small business owner isn’t always going to be dinner on rooftops with red roses and chocolate truffles. But like in any relationship, you can put in the hard work by rekindling the flames of passion. Check out these 6 tips for falling back in love with your small business:

1. Delegate tasks that you find monotonous

If they really don’t need your personal attention or expertise, consider handing them over to someone who is perfectly capable of tending to them (i.e. a personal assistant or an intern). So, if entering expenses in your accounting software or proofreading proposals drags you down, lighten up by giving the responsibility to an employee or virtual assistant. The number one cause of entrepreneur burnout is overwork, so please, please, please, ADD people to your squad.

2. Streamline processes to make things run more smoothly

Take an objective look at how you’re managing your employees/interns, producing your products and services, and running your business overall to identify where your productivity hits roadblocks. Then, brainstorm with your team to discover tactics and tools on how you can improve workflow and yield better results.

3. Take time to work not just “in” but also “on” your small business

No matter how small or large your business, you need to consider the big picture, identify goals and objectives, and create a roadmap to guide you toward success. We recommend having regular "check-in's," scheduling time on your calendar at least weekly, to review your master plan and check your progress toward achieving your goals.

4. Join a professional networking group with high-energy, enthusiastic members

Socializing face to face with inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals is always motivating. Energy and enthusiasm are truly contagious. Get out there to mix and mingle, and revive your business drive and determination.

5. Find new opportunities

New opportunities, whether if it's networking or collaborating with a fellow entrepreneur to plan a social event, can stir up the soul and spark your interest, not to mention the interest of your audience and customers. Whether if you’re on the receiving or giving end, finding new opportunities can recharge your batteries like nothing else.

6. Remind yourself of the good stuff

Don't really have the drive? Are you dwelling on the things that you hate about being an entrepreneur? Make a list of what you’re grateful for, whether if it's your support system or that social media marketing class you just took online. As you remind yourself of the perks, the pitfalls always seem less significant.

So, here's to you and your business. You put all that work into it, why give it up so easily? Happy rekindling!

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