Happy Coffee

Tap Into Your Talents

We all feel pressure to be perfect at times. Whether that pressure is real or perceived, it can come from within us, our environment, or those around us. Although deep down we want to be successful...

Party Teapot

7 Tips to Planning the Perfect Party

Every event has come across its troubles. Sometimes Plan A doesn’t follow through and planners have to resort to Plan B. However, don’t let the little stuff get to you.

Stressed Woman

"Can I Quit My Job, Already?"

It’s 6:00pm and you’re on your way home from a long day at work. Your body is tired, and somewhere between answering 100 emails, sitting through one on ones with your boss, and your commute home....


7 Ways to Revamp Your


Are you stuck in a rut with no way of getting out? It's time to hype up your daily routine with a little life-hacking. Try these seven tips on revamping your life and preparing for the new year with a little self love and reflection.

pink elephant.png

The Pink Elephant in the Room

How many of us hit the snooze button on our phone when the alarm goes off?  Now how many whine about dragging our feet to go into a 9-to-5 we just happen to hate? 


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