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Need A Brand Revamp or Graphic Reboot?
Take Advantage of Our A La Carte Services.

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Does your brand need graphic design maintenance but you're not ready to do 1:1 coaching? Or do you need a brand revamp to go along with your already amazing crafted strategy?


Not a problem.


We understand. IMM presents an A La Carte option which allows entrepreneurs to have their pick from a variety of different branded content without the underlining contract. Ready to work with us? Click the link below to book your consultation.

give your audience an inside look.

With the Creative Studio, IMM offers graphic design services catered specifically to your brand, which includes:

  • Flyers (any size)

  • Logos (PNG & JPEG versions)

  • Restaurant Menus

  • Brochures (Booklet size and Trifold)

  • Business Cards

  • Booklets

  • E-newsletters

Whatever your need, IMM has you covered as we help you scale your brand to innovation (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BRAND CONSULTATION OR STRATEGY BUILDING TO ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS).

Want to see more? Check out some of our latest projects by clicking below.

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