7 Ways to Revamp Your Life


by IMM Magazine - August 20, 2020


Are you stuck in a rut for the holidays? It's time to hype up your daily routine with a little life-hacking. Try these seven tips on revamping your life and preparing for the new year with a little self love and reflection.


1. Make New Friends:

What could be better than getting acquainted with some new, friendly faces? Establish new contacts, attend a networking event, or join a Meetup group.


2. Write A Personal Statement:

If you are on this earth, you were made with a God-given purpose. Write all your personal goals down on paper and act on them. It will bring light and direction into your life.


3. Start A Blog:

Think of blogging as your virtual journal. Not only will it give you the chance to create something new and valuable, but it also gives you the opportunity to plug fill force into your creativity.


4. Learn A New Language:

Getting bored with hearing yourself talk? Then switch it up and learn how to say something in a new language.


5. Change Locations:

What's a better way to change your life than to relocate? Starting over can be a good thing. You have a fresh slate and a new outlook on life, and a new view from your window!


6. Surround Yourself With Inspiration:

Surrounding yourself with people, peers, and mentors who are putting in the hard work and succeeding is a great way to stay excited on the road to achieving your own hopes and ambitions. Remember, "birds of a feather flock together." Oprah Winfrey herself advocates this method and has said, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Any relationships not adding energy to your life need to go as of right now!


7. Love More:

Nothing in the world can overcome it, and that is why this is the most important step on our list. Open up your heart and make yourself available for love, available to give it, and available to receive it - unconditionally.