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Rekindling Your Passion: How to Avoid Burnout

Starting a new business is like going on your honeymoon. You're elated and full of warm and fuzzy feelings.  >>

8 Leadership Qualities to Have Now

As well as good communications, confidence, commitment, and work ethic, entrepreneurs need to have just a little bit more gusto under their belt.  >>

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Dedicated to forming bonds that are unbreakable, CEO of HerCollectively, Shenea Brown, paves the way and is creating her own community. >>

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Navigating Friends Who Don't Support

Got a brand new business idea? Indeed, and you can’t wait to share that news with those closest to you. >>

6 Tips to Host Your First Thanksgiving

Anxiety into hosting your first Thanksgiving is on the rise. Amateur at Turkey Day? Don't squabble. We got the tips right here for you. >>

7 Ways to Revamp Your Life

Are you stuck in a rut for the holidays? It's time to hype up your daily routine with a little life-hacking. >>

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